Your consultation with Dr. Marshall will give you the information you need about your specific procedure. These FAQs can help you focus your questions.


How do I know which procedure is right for me?

Your consultation with Dr. Marshall will involve a one-on-one, personalized discussion tailored to your specific goals. Dr. Marshall will offer his expertise and will give you the pros and cons for each treatment that may be right for you.

What if I want just a subtle change?

Dr. Marshall and his team at LIFT Aesthetic Surgery offer a variety of noninvasive, nonsurgical procedures that are perfectly suited for subtle changes. These procedures also offer minimal down time with little to no pain.

Will people know I’ve had cosmetic surgery?

Dr. Marshall firmly believes that one of the goals of cosmetic surgery is to restore a youthful appearance while at the same time maintaining your self image. After any treatment at LIFT Aesthetic Surgery, your friends and family may mention that you look more rested, happier, or perhaps, a few years younger.

How long will it take for swelling and other effects of surgery to go away?

Each procedure performed at LIFT Aesthetic Surgery will have its own specific effects on your body. For example, facial rejuvenation procedures have minimal swelling and down time. Patients can apply makeup 1 to 2 days after the procedures and return to work without anyone knowing they had anything done. Breast augmentation surgery, on the other hand, has more down time and swelling, which usually start to subside after one week.

How long will the change in appearance last?

Dr. Marshall will help you look your absolute best for as long as possible. Each procedure is different, and in your consultation with Dr. Marshall, he will review and outline the expected length of appearance change. For example, Botox injections for lines and wrinkles on the face usually last between 3 and 6 months. However, a face lift operation will maintain its appearance for at least 10 – 15 years.

Are there any risks with my procedure?

At LIFT Aesthetic Surgery, we believe in complete disclosure to our patients. This is called obtaining an informed consent. Dr. Marshall will review all of the potential risks associated every procedure that he discusses with you. Each procedure is different with varying levels of risks.

How much pain will I have?

Dr. Marshall is committed to providing the best results with the least pain possible. His noninvasive procedures, such as laser treatments, Botox injections, Juvederm injections, and facial rejuvenations, are essentially pain free. For other procedures, he is highly skilled at minimizing pain with local anesthetic (such as lidocaine, similar to Novocain), which is delivered with injections and/or creams that are applied directly onto the skin. In the operating room, Dr. Marshall uses injectable local anesthetic to minimize pain after surgery. Patients then use a prescription pain medicine for about two days. After that, many patients do well with an over-the-counter pain reliever such as Tylenol.

Can I talk to Dr. Marshall about a procedure without committing to having it?

Absolutely. At LIFT Aesthetic Surgery, our patients are treated like our own family. This means open and easy communication. Dr. Marshall can be reached at any time during normal business hours at 406-327-3895 or via email at lift@communitymed.org. Please allow 24 hours for response.

Will insurance cover my procedure?

Some insurance companies cover procedures that can be considered both reconstructive and cosmetic. A common example is breast reduction surgery. This is often done to improve neck pain or strain, upper back pain and shoulder pain in women with large, pendulous breasts. The reconstructive part of the procedure involves relieving the pain by reducing the weight of the breasts. The cosmetic part of the procedure involves lifting the breasts, reshaping them, and possibly reducing the size of the nipple and areola. Dr. Marshall’s team at LIFT Aesthetic Surgery will discuss these options with you, and if applicable, will obtain insurance prior authorization for you.