Complex wound management

Complex wound management

Many types of wounds need surgical treatment to heal. That includes chronic, non-healing wounds such as pressure ulcers and diabetic ulcers, as well as sores from radiation treatment. New wounds from burns or trauma and some surgical incisions also need specialized procedures with a plastic surgeon to heal properly.

In most cases, Dr. Marshall will work with your primary care physician or another specialist to coordinate the care of your wound. He may use one or more of these techniques to help your wound heal:

  • Skin grafting. This involves transplanting healthy skin from another area of your body to cover the wound. Skin grafts protect wounds and help them heal faster. Grafts may be used for burns, areas where infection has cause extensive skin loss, treating areas where skin cancer has been removed, and other wounds.
  • Flap surgery. With this procedure, Dr. Marshall makes an incision around a section of healthy skin or tissue adjacent to your wound, leaving it attached at a specific point. He then repositions it to cover the wound. In some cases, the flap is taken from another area and then reconnected to a blood vessel at the new site.
  • Debridement. This involves surgically removing dead or weakened tissue from the wound. Debridement exposes healthy tissue, giving the wound a better chance to heal. Wounds may need to be debrided several times.
  • Negative pressure therapy. With this non-surgical treatment, a sealed dressing is applied to your wound and connected it to a vacuum pump. The vacuum, or negative pressure, is turned on for specific lengths of time. This promotes healing by increasing blood flow to the area and drawing fluids from the wound.

At Community Medical Center’s Wound Care Center, Dr. Marshall uses the expert support staff and the latest wound-care technologies and equipment there to aid in your wound-treatment program.  With each procedure you have, he will explain what to expect and how to care for your wound as it heals.

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