Microneedling is a series of treatments performed with an instrument called Rejuvapen that stimulates the body to produce fresh, new skin. This technique can help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks and even some acne scarring.

Rejuvapen works by creating thousands of invisible perforations in your skin. Each perforation stimulates the body to fill the microscopic wounds by producing natural substances called collagen and elastin. The result is firmer, smoother skin. Pores become smaller and discolored areas fade.

Micro-needling can be used anywhere on your body. Treating your face, neck and chest will take about 30 minutes. A numbing cream can be used, though treatments without it are relatively painless. After your treatment, your skin will appear sunburned for about 24 hours.

Three to four treatments spaced a month apart are recommended for the best results. Deeper lines, wrinkles, and scars require more treatments. Skin takes time to synthesize new collagen and elastin, so you will start seeing results after the third treatment. Your skin will continue to improve, and the results won’t diminish over time.

Micro-needling isn’t right for everyone, and Dr. Marshall will ask about your health history to determine if it’s the best treatment for you.

As with any cosmetic medical procedure, results vary from patient to patient.