Breast lift

Breast lift

This procedure, also called mastopexy, is used to reshape breasts that are sagging, seem flat or elongated, have nipples that point downward, or are unsymmetrical. There are several breast lift techniques, and Dr. Marshall will explain which one will work best for your situation

These techniques differ mainly in their incision pattern. The type of incision is very important to the final outcome of your surgery, including the visibility of scars. Depending on the characteristics of your breasts, Dr. Marshall will recommend the technique that will give you the best aesthetic result with the least visible scars.

With the incisions made, Dr. Marshall will lift and reshape the underlying breast tissue. Nipples are lifted to a higher position that looks more natural with your reshaped breast, and excess skin is removed.

After your breast-lift surgery, Dr. Marshall will give you instructions for caring for your healing incision. You may use medications to help relieve pain and lower the risk of infection. Most women recover from this surgery in about two to three weeks.  As with any cosmetic medical procedure, results vary from patient to patient.

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